Monday, March 22, 2010

My Best Sister

SARAH my sister
me manal :P
first thing first u suck :/
yes u do!:P i know what you think :)

so many good old days when i was young and sarah use to tease me! well she still does even my whole family does that to me :P and that's annoying sumtymz =P she doesn't know my life that much but i know she loves me and ily sarah ur my best sister ever! no one can beat one can have a sister like her! the way she talks or w.e everybody hates her :P o.o, lol so yh. everybodyhatesherandlyksher! :P:P xD!

idrk why am i posting this buh i guess cuz i love her? O_o
um i remember she used to love my but :P xD! i noe she hates it loadz cuz now it's not that small,squeezy,and sponge LMFAO!
so i'm off!
so just so you know ILOVEEYOU! :D
yupe i do.

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