Sunday, May 9, 2010

If you smoke. Watch this:

Yes. I haven't blogged as the blogblog yet. AND. I have missed on reading quite a few ones too
Just been very busy.
Lol, no. That's just an excuse. I have exams coming up. *wohoo!* This friday to the endless journey till the 29th of June. Yup. It's May right now. -_-
So in my Chem mock exam. I got an A, B and a C. *voila!*
My dad got me this pen. Which he thinks is *zabrdast* as in awesome. Lets see. -.-

I should start looking onto the bright side of everything now. Like the mess in the drawing room. Yup. I guess I'll take a picture of that. I have SCREWED the room. Like, its now like a hotel room. Yup. -.- Also. I have never tried Weetabix which Nosheen is loving at the moment and wants her husband to be the owner of that factory. Google.

So plans as they come. Oh. Battery dying.
So today. I have to do BIG TIME. MAJOR TIME. Chemistry. >_> Like major major majorrrrrrrrr!
Oh. Today's Mother's Day.

I just waste my time. Like this:

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