Monday, May 3, 2010

QQ: Quick Post

What's love?
No, I'm not going on with the questions. Well half the world still says, what's love? Gah. Just a feeling. Like fucking hunger. Like when you need to pee. Like when you're shivering. THAT feeling.

Love to me is happiness. Most of the times. When my dad comes home and cracks CRRRRRAZY jokes. When maa does something incredibly funny/weird. When you get a simple sa adorable sa text. When you miss Sibgha. When you want to eat Manal's butt. [Came out very wrong but wtf. =D]

Its when a brother tells you you're the best sister ever spending the tiniest of time together, that in the weirdest ways. Insulting the shit. Swearing the fuck.

Its when Noori sings and the music. That is love.

Its when, once again. A love text. When you're SO low. When you've been ambushed by the worst guys ever. Worst looking* =p Just kidding.

This is love:

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