Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Complaints

Blogging in a towel, without a fan, in your own very room with two doors that have a lock each (with keys) has its very own fun.

So my mum always told me not to speak/sing/say any holy supplication when in the bathroom since the angels wait for you outside th
e door and when you speak/sing/say anything they have to like, see you naked. So since I've been, I shower without the door locked, well I mean closed. So like today for the first time in ages, I sang in the shower and since the door was open the angels could just look on the other side and note what I was saying. Now I know why Manal Malik loves singing.

So the fan's switched off cause I caught a fever a few days ago since I showered twice a day and my long hair were wet under a fan at its maximum speed. I say that's just frigging awesome. Talking about long hair, what's the use when they're ALL-literally all- just split ends which turn golden by the end. True story. So. Hair cut, the only wise answer.

Its been raining cats and dogs not-literally in Rawalpindi. The temperature is 25 degrees while Riyadh is a fine 42. From what I heard in the afternoon the monsoon broke a record of like 33 years somewhere. Sources: Mami.

I need to switch on the fan. I have water in my ear. *searches for a plunger*

Anywho. So well life in Pindi is fun. =D Lol no. It is just okay. Like duh, Pindi we talk about. I've started a 'No Complaints' week, which well I'm the leader and follower only since it'll benefit me only. Starts Thursday, 29th July and then we'd see the outcomes on Thursday, 5th August. [When you see a mosquito, start moving!] Wait. Knock on the door, I better open up. -_-


  1. You're so weird. I love you n_n.

  2. mosquito bites!*murderous rage*