Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Be happy.

Howdie hoe. I think my boyfriend's slept instead of replying to my text.

The point there is. *text tone* I think, the first line or word of a post defines the content. By the howdyho, it would've sounded that I'm doing fine and happy. Critical situations have been roaming around me at the very moment. I left food on my plate. RICE on my plate. Now, I'm a person who eats every last part of the rice may it be 0.5 mm but I do, well you can clearly see how much adipose I own too. Secondly, my cousin's daughter is in the ICU and I'll be very honest but people only remember God when they really need him. *reads text: Perv* Now, I'm not the best at my religion but seriously and its amazing how people make a mountain out of a molehill. Or maybe I'm just too young to understand their language.

Second on the list is how everyone prays to God only on days known as 'Shabrat' around here and the rest of the year 5 prayers are just like salt and pepper to them. Maybe I whine a lot nowadays. I need to get my phone fixed too. My veryvery sexy E66.

I like the basement. Its just very quiet. I need to shower. The weather's pretty glad today. Its cloudy and windy enough to smack my open door and go like BHAM.

Point of the day: Be happy.

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  1. You are soo random...which makes everything sound hilarious!