Friday, January 14, 2011

14- Jan- 11: My life revolves around biochemistry, and I'm loving it.

My life in 10 points at 10:37 PM.

  • Debenhams is warm.
  • I miss my mother, I live alone- I do.
  • I need a two way socket- if that's what you call it- to plug in my tv to the extension.
  • I need to fold and hang all my clothes for the week- and study for next week's test.
  • I might be going to Lahore. Next stop. For university. Again. Yep.
  • Biochemistry is love. LOVE. LLOOVVEE.
  • I need to take off my contacts and get into bed which I already am, but actually go to sleep.
  • Point 8- I don't know.
  • I had pizza from a local restaurant and it wasn't very yummy but you can't call food bad so yep.
  • I'll post a picture now.

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