Friday, January 14, 2011

Beach Parties.

I come home around different timings, I pass across the IJP road and it's on a daily basis that I see at least 3 men loosing their naalas/naaras [I never got which one it is] as they answer the call of nature. It's just too much to take for actually thinking what's behind the clothing at the back and how they carry on walking after their done. Every single day.

We have this huge test coming up and everyone studies their butts off at the library. Lie. Only some do, but yeah. It's actually too much to cover up in 2 nights you see, we've almost done around 11 chapters of biochemistry. Yup, it's like one chapter daily and then we have LGDs and Wrap Up sessions- no one studies for those, and I didn't for 3 days and I was pounded with guilt and books.

However, it'll be a year soon that I permanently shifted to Pakistan and it's been good alhamdulilah. [No.] Riyadh is the sex.

I'm on my days nowadays, haha- that sounds funny, and yeah I said it out. It's pretty cool outside right now.

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