Monday, August 29, 2011

29th august 2011 03:39 AM

I feel much better today, the hormones out, the tIredell day and then of course some studying but really not good enough.
Ramadan's ending and this year too I haven't finished the Quran and I have two days to finish 7 paras which I can do if I had a higher stamina but still inshaAllah will try. Eid is coming up, I like my nail colour and my clothes so it is awn.
I have always hated ceiling fans and darkness. Back at home I used to live on the street and the yellow street lights would help me sleep with our blue curtains.
I havent seen Ezza baji in a long long time and well I bought bangles for eid if I've not mentioned that.
I'm against marriages at young ages because there's something known as a family. I would love to stay with my family for some more years rather than get married. Pah che. And then some people lie about the ages of their daughter-in-laws to be or rather like them being called young. Well not like that matters. Some day I'll be a mother-in-law too so I have no right to judge anyone at the moment. Id really like some fresh juice for my tummy. Or baskin Robbins, I love that.
I should sleep now. Too late and biochem tomorrow. Astaghfirullah. Ya Allah madad. :/