Thursday, December 22, 2011

Treat Yourself

I'm totally blind and numb. My hands are frozen because by the time you're done toileting and you've left the water on throughout your busy time, the water is still frigging cold, hence the frozen hands. I should really be studying, and my aims are always higher than I can aim, 2 chapters a day, like i-can-so-do-it. Huh.

 Anywho, I'm listening to 17-year-olds- One Direction- IT'S GOTTA BE YOUUU, ONLY YOUUU. Haiye, kon ainaa nuu samjhay. 

Yukh, these What The Fuck Facts on facebook are disgusting and it's always Indians going crazy on them, idiots. Like pindi bois are any better.

 I should really do two chapters tonight but I end up so sleepy and who is Dr. Tahir Iqbal for tomorrow? I have a feeling it's the shorty. Shorty's good. I don't like sirs who ask questions especially Dr. Habib-ur-Rehman, although he's awesome at his clinician skills but dude, chill out and then they baistify you so bad when you give a lousy suggestion rather than an answer. 

Enough about that. Today, our friends- Marjan, Huma, and Zamara- gave us- ME :D Wardah, Jamila, Urva, and Sundus- a surprise birthdayS party. Heeh, I knew something was fishy, and I'm annoying so well, pretty much that it. 

I need to google some new good gala designs. One Direction is pretty gay but who bothers to search another song. I am so over bans.

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  1. I have no idea wtf you talk about in your posts anymore but I totally agree with the hands being numb after using the toilet thing and moti you're in Riyadh again screw you.