Saturday, December 24, 2011


Why, hallo! Saturday, what a lazy lazy Saturday! Although its Sundays supposed to be lazy, well they were busy when I was in Riyadh- <3. And it was Fridays lazy there. Haiye. Anywhoo, yesterday was a tiring tiring Friday, it was one of those long dragged days, we waited for Dr. Tahir Iqbal from 8 till 8.45 when he made he ungrand entrance and it was all the hypertension stuff we knew before, so pretty much tiring. I have A LOT to revise and less than 10 days for my exam, so I should be pretty worried. Which I am not. HEEH. Then we were free from 10 to 1.30. So we planned to study something- which we did- but man! We were SO sleepy, especially Sundus and I , after every 15 minutes we'd give each other the look like what-the-hell-we-need-to-sleep. Anywho, before that samosa! Winter cold and garm samosa which gets thanda too quickly- MWAAH!. Then popcorn and then ice cream. Well then guavas for lunch and that was it! SUCCESS. Then I drove back from uni to home mashaAllah, for the first time ever. MUAHAHAHA. I wasn't that bad alhamdulilah! :D Just like didn't see a speedbump and bham? :D

 I had a good sleep last night, from 6 to today morning 6. 12 hours. MWAAH! I hate sleeping though, but it's the winter effect.  But morning walk, Michael Jackson's music, oranges and guavas. MWAAH!

Damn you, WAPDA.

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  1. For me every day of the week is lazy.

    First time here, I like =)