Sunday, January 1, 2012

Turquoise Higlights

    Today was weird, exceptionally weird. I'm going to pet a  turtle. It'll be cute cuddly, I just hope I don't hammer it like the snails I used to it grade 4. Whaaa, I was an exceptionally good kid except that bit and some other bits and tats. Good ol' Mirinda Citrus. I'm sorry but it SO deserves a heart for the taste. It's frikking cold nowadays although just 13 degrees oiutside, I'm just dreading the upcoming summers cauuse freaking loadshedding so bad in the winters, I just don't want to imagine the summers. InshaAllah 2 weeks to Riyadh. *heart*
     I should probably study, I have an exam tomorrow and I don't want to screw it up like the last exam which was bullshitty. I had to use the bathroom really badly and I think the eggs did their job- gross.
   Anywho, I was thinking how everyone's been up about 2012 and all that shit, I'm just wondering how old I'm getting- I believer anything >16 is young. Everything greater is older. I know what I know. Seemed really irrelevant, anywho so I don't want to grow old. This past one and a half year has been so much of change for me- I've become a woman in all possible way except that way or have I? I've become a different personality, I talk a lot and I talk  shit, my head screws up, I've become accustomed to living like a loner and at first it was beautiful but now I need to speak. That feeling when you want to talk because you want your vocal cords to move. I eat a lot. I have started liking food which is changing now alhamdulilah. All that and clothes, fucking clothes, all I think about and it's the company I get if I get which has got me like this- WOMEN. All that's going to change inshaAllah. Because I'm going home to ami! I would like to call mama ami but its 17 years and I can't change that  now. It'll FEEL abrupt. Maa. :D Sometimes I forget how old I am, honestly, cause this year and the previous ever since uni, I've been so busy that time's felt like it flew by and I didn't even breathe in those moments. I love pencils. 

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