Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12.45 1.1 29.8.12

Officially third day of third year, but my first. I just had one class but Amber baji had to go to the airport and she had a lot of luggage so I came home pretty late as a matter of fat 3 hours late. The first day was good. We have new classrooms so I went through the Emergency and met Urva and Zamara in there. First sgd, Dr. Hanna knew I was new so she didn't say anything. She was very sweet and very smart. I like this group, I'm with Sundus so it's fun. It's the second wala group when I joined Shifa. There was this new teacher who I don't know yet but really pretty and she was good at what she taught so it was all good. :D My net here sucks.

I gave my application for the installments and we were making groups for clinical rotations which start tomorrow actually. Actually, the lists were already made by our CR and displayed but us six didn't like our group. Pindi bois. -_- So we all ran, literally. So much arguments but it was fun. I love my time with Marjan. She makes me laugh like crazy. ^^

I bought new books and I still haven't unpacked. I don't want to really. :D

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