Monday, December 31, 2012

I'll just stay as me.

Oh fuck a 'Happy New Year'. 

My Rheumatology module just finished yesterday and Hematology starts today and I'll be attending like 7 classes out of 47 classes and my attendance will be fuuuuucked up. Whoosh. I'm trying my best not to think over it or else I'll ruin myself oh Lordddd.
Moving on, recently I've developed such an amazing love towards 1980's-90's American movies. IF YOU HAVE ANY RECOMMENDATIONS COMMENT THEM BELOW LOVE. They make you trip for them man. The 80's hair and Denim jeans and uptight waistbelts. Oh dear oh dear. I have a very strong urge to get my hair permed in remembrance of the 1980's. My dad got his hair permed, a very slight ting in the 1980's too so I'll just follow his lead. Apparently my friend says it'll make me look more fat so I'm thinking of growing this hair till April and lose some of my chubchub, then get my permed. TELL ME I'M NOT SCREWING IT UP AM I? 

I don't have uni tomorrow cause welllll-  I don't. There's a bakesale on Wednesday and my friends and I are in the scavenger hunt apparently. Recently, I have the craze of clothes again. Psh. And well- I made quite some many so I better not spend a penny more till April or March you know. Prolly go to Faisalabad to shop for summer clothes. And then that's it. OH MY MAYBE GO TO LAHOREEEE. Weeeee. On another note, Youtube is still fucking blocked in Pakistan. 

Sexy tiger pinching me!


Sometimes I feel so pious and religious and then I get back to what I truly am. Is that hypocrisy?

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