Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beauty In Her Eyes

I failed my modular exam, did I mention that before? Anyway, it was kidneys, urinary bladder and well, I did bad but the rest of the class did relatively better than me and now I'm missing 2 weeks of my hematology modular. So fuck my life for that. 
Some songs have such amazing lyrics but such shitty music.
I was really ashamed about my marks, especially to Dr Qaiser. He's a Malik. Also, I haven't told my parents. So ashamed but deserving. I'm so sleepy and I have five histories to write but thank God they're not due tomorrow but due on Monday. GLAYD.
I freaking hate tailors now. x_x
So I slept meanwhile typing this post and my Khala is up here from England and she's got diarrhea. Major kind and I think I'll have to go stay with her. I'm so fat. It is saddening and sickening. Like seriously. x_x

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  1. Eek! I hope you do better soon. And get well soon, too. Diarrhea is such a pain in the ass (sorry, this crappy pun had to be made).