Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

I've started a marathon of movies. Movies are amazing. One thing I love of Americans. Their movies and their music. I loved When Harry Met Sally. So fucking cute. Hahaha. 

On another note, I failed my KUB module. I guess I should study Rheumatology big time. Dr. Qaiser is leaving. He's an amazing facilitator. The best to be honest! (Y) One sgd I look forward too! 

I'm such a 1980's wannabe, it's a shame. I wish I was born then. Born in New York. Oh my. Dreams could come true. But only in another world, otherwise I would've been worse than I am now.

A t20 match between India and Pakistan is supposed to start in the next 5 minutes and the electricity of my house is gone. Bullocks. Time to study Pharmacology. <3 nbsp="nbsp" span="span">I love Rashiqa. 

But ohhhh, if we call the whole thing off, then we must part.. 

Salman Khan looks relatively sexy in this picture but that pink pocha around his neck looks so gayyyyy!