Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Food, I miss.

How I spent my day today? I woke up only to realize how sleepy I was so I slept back in and ditched my first class- LGIS by Dr. Abida. PHARMA. Got up at 9.30 got ready by changing my shirt and actually the rest of it was all my night suit. Ew. Gandi Sarah. Took a pharma practical which was prescription writing by Dr. Hanna. Later we had plans of going to Gloria Jeans but the driver had to pick up my niece from school so instead we had oranges in the sun. It was fun. Library then attended the last micro practical and Sundas baji was with us. I came home, had a bowl of soup but I ate :O then I had a piece of chocolate cake :O

I slept so much and got up walked for half an hour and jogged for like 4 minutes. HAHAHA. Had an apple and a potato and green tea. In bed now. Sleeping in like half an hour.

FOOOOOD. I miss!

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