Monday, February 11, 2013

My result is uploaded.

So I'm up at SCIL again. Today in the Surgical Ward I met a woman who had CA breast. It was pretty sad how she had most of her family members suffering from CA breast and one member had CA uterus. To be honest, she pretty much inspired me really. She was smiling. That's a big thing for me cause God forbid if I had such a problem with me and going through operations and 6 sessions of chemotherapy it would've raped me inside out. Astaghfirullah. The best feeling I got was when she asked me when she could have a mammography of her daughter done who is now just 2 months old. It was inspiring how she seemed to be less educated than us but she still cared of her daughter to a level most people don't yet.

One another note, the diet is going so bad. I ate like a cow over the weekend because I was hungry as a monster. However, things have changed from today onwards. I'm back at it. I might start cooking too for myself. Heeehe. 

My Rheuma result came. I did just average again. Sucks. Sometimes I was number 1 at my class and now I'm just some girl who said acute is under 6 months but it's actually under 6 WEEKS. Fucking weeks!

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