Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quickie again.

Okay I am back. The class moved out cause there's another class happening up at SCIL. 

We were talking about Pakistani people. I'd rather love to stay in Riyadh and I plan on doing my housejob over there but Omer bhai- my cousin- prefers that housejob be done in Pakistan where there's a variety of patients and they are so poor that even when you do something wrong- highly God forbidden- they won't really ever sue your ass.

But I, on the other hand, am fed up of Pakistan and I miss my parents too much a lot of. I miss my house and I'd rather end up teaching than practicing medicine. I can't stand the ward smell up at D3 Wing 4. Rashiqa made me differentiate between the two smells- medical and surgical wards, which is very true.

Gotta run again. I like blogging at school. 

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