Tuesday, February 14, 2017

IM Residency Bronx-Lebanon

It has been a long ride. Finishing up medical school and jumping into the USMLE. I feel good alhamdulilah for working hard and actually achieving this. There have been many downs as well as some ups. Exams upon exams, observerships and the hunt, successes and near-failures too. The interview season has been a smooth road, I'd say. I didn't have many to compare but the ones I had were pleasant. I loved meeting new people from different places but hated the fake laughs and my jaw muscles cramped by the end of the day. Oh and the pain with those pathetic black pump/heels (ugh).

All in all, I got the prematch offer and I took it upon thoughtful advice, let's hope it'll bear something fruitful. My comeback is to make things remembered, improve my writing and ohmygod my spellings have become pretty awful. The vocabulary needs to up the Trump-grade (heeeh). 

The visa process has just begun so hoping it goes well inshaAllah. There are many things that will be missed, the vacations in Saudi, family and quarrels with the siblings but I guess we move on from the phases.

I really hope to provide excellent patient care and be a better Muslim than ever- which naturally should make me the best human within me. Through this journey and all the Islamophobia around it, I hope to never lose my ties with my religion and neither to be ashamed of it nor put it in the hiding. I should actually put it on display so the goodness of it may shine through (a little cheesy, ok, a lot).


  1. Goodluck! Proud of you. Stay happy always!

  2. Sarah, long time! So happy to see how far you've come in life. How are you these days? Hope you post again soon.